I take my role as a Jewish wife and mother very seriously.  This includes the way I choose to feed my family and the many guests who come through our doors.

I am blessed with a mother who is a holistic nutritionist as well as an amazing cook.  Many of the guests who have graced her table and sampled her cooking have asked her the same question: “What is your secret?”

Her answer is always the same:

“When I cook, I cook with love.”  My mother’s belief, as well as my own, is that the energy that one puts into the food while cooking it, will inevitably affect the result.  When a woman makes an effort to put loving energy into the food she cooks for her family, the result will reflect her intentions.  But when a woman cooks with anger or resentment, the result will be apparent as well.  This concept, is, essentially, the “law of attraction”, meaning, like attracts like, which I elaborate on in my section on advice for singles.

Many Jewish women have the custom when they are cooking food for Shabbat, to say “l’kavod Shabbos kodesh.” (In honour of the holy Sabbath.)  The reason for this custom is, if a woman makes her food with the proper kavannah (intent), the food will come out with the desired results.  Since Shabbat is the most special day of the week, the food that is prepared for Shabbat should taste extra-special.

My friend, Rivka Malka Perlman, (check her out at told me a story which illustrates this concept.

Reb Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev was once about to go into his house with a student of his and he heard the women singing as they cooked. He stopped his student and said, “No, lets not go in, we don’t want to disturb their singing, you have no idea what it’s doing to the food!”

So here is a collection of recipes that are healthy, delicious and user-friendly.  Some are my own creations, others are from some of the amazing people I am blessed to have in my life.  I will continue to add more recipes as my blog continues so be sure to check up regularly for updates.

And remember, always cook with love.


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