About Anna

Hi Everyone,
My name is Anna and I am a devoted wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, sister, friend, student, cook, shadchanit, (matchmaker) fashionista, and the list goes on……
Born and bred in Toronto Canada, I am an Orthodox Jew who chose to live a life of Torah at the tender age of 14.  In other words, I am what is known as a Baalas Teshuva, (one who has returned).
After working for 10 years in the Jewish non-profit and Kiruv (Jewish outreach) world, I decided to go back to school to get my Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.
Besides Toronto, I have spent time living, studying, working and teaching in Cleveland Ohio, New York City, Jerusalem and Tsfat.
I currently reside back in my hometown Toronto, with my awesome husband Marc and my twin baby girls, Nechama and Zissie.  Aside from my job with a Jewish non-profit organization, working on my Masters degree, raising my twins and running our household, I am also an informal shadchan, (matchmaker) and have made two successful marriages so far.
This blog is all about our blessed life, my thoughts and experiences on balancing a successful marriage, raising twins, living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle and staying active in our community.
If you have babies, you may enjoy my thoughts on parenting. If you are married, you may enjoy my thoughts on marriage. If you are single you may enjoy my advice for singles (and you may want to send me your shidduch resume) and if you are Jewish you may enjoy my religious insights.
Feel free to drop me a line and share your comments; I am always interested in new ideas and learning from others!


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